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...we create a Space for you to developing consciousness and discover what positiv change really feels like?

MindFul Living | Mindful Parenting CoachIng

How you can easily and sustainably and quickly outwit your brain to lead a happier, healthier and more blissful life

Mindful Compassionate Parenting Teaching 

1:1 sessions, weekly Cours (10 Weeks/held in German) & Weekend Workshops (in German)

(in German)

A 1:1 Session at my Coaching Practice, Bergerstr. 218 in Frankfurt 

or via Zoom / Telefone / WhatsAp. 


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Frankfurt Mindful compassionate Parenting Eltern Coach Teacher


Anerkannter Präventionskurs der Krankenkassen ...........20 SGB V

MCP Präventionskurs für Eltern

10 meetings a 1,5 hours // course manual // accompanied meditations (mp3)

held in German Language!

Less Stress

Mindful Compassionate Parenting – MCP

A certified prevention course especially for parents to help them cope with stress through mindfulness & self-care. To face the inevitable challenges of parenthood in a more loving and relaxed way. 

FOR WHOM ? Parents, mothers, fathers & bonus parents who want to accompany their children with more ease & joy. 

WHY: To feel noticeably better quickly! The acquired knowledge & the practical exercises can be practised and applied directly in everyday life – to cultivate more mindfulness in everyday family life.

LESS STRESS, more ease: According to the WHO, 70% of illnesses are caused by stress. A valuable investment in your health & well-being

COSTS: Certified prevention course, partially reimbursed by the health insurance companies in Germany (please ask your company for the amount in advance).


Calls & Retreats

Including script, journal and accompanying mediations (mp3)

1:1 Sessions


 1:1 support 90  EURO a 60 min.

online or in Person 


Mindful Motherhood / RETREATs


BMindful Motherhood. A day of mindfulness & self-care in the company of women. After such a crazy and also or especially for us parents such a challenging year, precious ME time; being in contact, with oneself – in exchange & community. Inside out.

KNOW: How does our brain function under stress? And what do we do about it! The 4 friends of life as a resilience factor.  Being a wife and mother: Shaped (gender) role models of our time.

EXERCISE: Guided meditations, mindfulness exercises and practices, community and exchange.

WHY?: In the end you will go home to your loved ones with your individually created and already tested mindfulness routine. They will reliably give you lots of moments to practice and grow – which you will master with more fun and ease 😉

Live, Bergerstrasse, In German Language   


Frankfurt Achtsamkei Kurs Eltern Retreat
Coworking Space Büro Berger Bornheim Gemeinschaftsbüro
Eltern Mütter Beratung Elternberatung
first: my mother tongue is German, but language should not be a barrier. The most essential things happen beyond words anyway! So feel free to ask for accompaniment in English language.

What if you practiced feeling conscious related all day long? 

To cultivate compassionate awareness of ourselves, each other and life itself? 

My passion is to empower Women in times of Change, during life transitions, when a new Stage is ready to explore and embrace. 

As being and becoming a mother or finding a new Profession with purpose or crating a purpose driven own Business. 

I guide you through the complete Prozess, to find a kind and conscious way to stay related to your Spouse, to build a strong, healthy and kind Relation to your Children, from the very beginning, to create healthy boundaries in your relationships, to cultivate a gentler inner state of being and abundant self-compassion, to find your role in challenging circumstances, to overcome cultural norms and constructs (Doing Gender, White supremacy) that hold us back, learn on your own toolbox with simple but powerful exercises and skills to bring about lasting change, to face life from an inner place of integrity and truth – and to overcome the conditioning in ourselves and in our world with courage, honesty, care and dedication.


Frankfurt Mindful compassionate Parenting Eltern Coach Teacher
Coaching Praxis Berger Strasse Frankfurt Norden, Mindful Parenting, Mindful Living
Mindful Living Coach
Mindful Parent Parenting Coach Frankfurt

|| About me

Born 1978 in Frankfurt || Studied social sciences, literature and psychology in Frankfurt and Sweden || 2008 M.A. Sociology and German Literature || Followed by years at the publishing house and the Frankfurt Book Fair || 2017-18 One-year advanced training course: A good start in life. Gestalt therapy and mindfulness based work with parents and child. || 2018 Introduction to the dialog work according to David Bohm & Buber as well as regular participation in dialogue-rounds || Mindfulness Seminar with Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn (MBSR) || 2019 Eckhart Tolle Retreat, Now or Never, Linstow || 2020 Training as a Mindful Compassionate Parenting Teacher (MCP).

I live with my family in Frankfurt downtown. In summer we are on the ‚Lohrberg‘ or at our grandparents in Sweden, in winter I go ice swimming. Being with the cold; As well a Space to be, where silence, wakefulness and inspiration are at home.

|| Deeply inspired by | Great Inspiration and Teachers : Herman Hesse | Dr. Emmi Pikler | M. Montessori | Sharon Salzberg | Tara Brach | Marshall Rosenberg (Nonviolent Communication, NVC) | Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn (MBSR) | Eckhart Tolle | Dialogue by D. Bohm and Buber | Dr. Shefali  | Wim Hof | My Mom and my Aunt

M.a. Astrid Ballerstedt
Mindful Compassionate Parenting Teacher
CoachingPraxis, Berger Str. 218, 60385 Frankfurt